Why You Should Install a Water Softener in Your Home

Got hard water? It’s time to change that with a water softener. Let’s go over the top reasons you’re going to want to install one of these systems in your home pronto.

What is Hard Water?

If you’re unfamiliar with what hard water is, let’s first explain. Hard water is water with an abundance of mineral content, specifically calcium and magnesium. It naturally accumulates these minerals during the water cycle and can happen to well water and city water.

Hard water is safe to drink and use, but over time can cause dry skin and hair, dull clothes and linens, scum stains on faucets, and higher water bills. Phoenix is known for having water that falls into the “very hard” range, so to avoid these problems, it’s essential to use a high-quality water softener in your home.

How a Water Softener Can Benefit You and Your Home

You may need a water softener here in the Phoenix area…but what benefits can you gain from having one? Here are the top reasons to install a water softener system in your home.

Better Skin and Hair

When you shower with hard water, you may notice your showers just aren’t that great. The minerals in the water can create an unpleasant residue that can’t be washed off, so it can dry out your skin and scalp, leading to irritation, eczema, and other skin issues. It can also cause your hair to look dry, dull, and be more tangled. Not to mention hard water prevents soap from lathering, which means you have to spend more time (and soap) washing your hands or body.

Luckily, once you install a water softener, these issues will be put to rest. Once the system is installed, you’ll begin to notice your skin has less irritation and dryness, your hair feels silkier and looks shinier, and your soap and shampoo are easier to lather.

Softer, Cleaner Clothes

If soft water can do those things to your hair, imagine what it will do to your clothes!

If you notice your clothes come out of the laundry much less soft and bright, you’re not crazy, and it’s not the fault of your laundry detergent. This is one of the effects hard water can have on your clothes – it can dry out the fabric. It can also leach colors and leave mineral buildup that soap can’t quite cut through, making you think your clothes are still dirty.

Soft water doesn’t leave mineral buildup, so your clothes will not only look cleaner and brighter but feel softer too.

Removes Unwanted Tastes

Sometimes, hard water can have an earthy taste to it. That taste can come from hard minerals or metallics in your water, like iron. With the help of a water softener, it can remove what you’d rather not be drinking. That means no more earthy taste from minerals and other natural or chemical additivities.

Not only will you get to enjoy delicious filtered water straight from your tap, but your soups, sauces, and juices will also taste so much better!

Protect Your Home Appliances

When hard water is left unaddressed, it can build up in your pipes, corrode your plumbing, and wear down your water-using appliances. This causes unnecessary strain that can reduce the efficiency and performance of washing machines, dishwashers, and other parts of your home.

According to a Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) study on the benefits of soft water, they found:

  • Household water heaters operating with hard water can lead to as much as a 48% loss of efficiency. With softened water, water heats maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime.
  • Showerheads using hard water lost 75% of their flow rate in less than 18 months.
  • Dishwashers and washing machines using hard water showed the need for frequent cleaning due to buildup.

With a water softening system, you’ll be reducing the mineral deposits from accumulating in your dishwasher, hot water heater, washing machine, and pipes, allowing the lifespan of everything to improve.

Make Household Cleaning Easier

The hard minerals in water can leave their mark just about everywhere. You’ll see them in spots on your dishes, mineral deposits on your faucets, and dingy laundry.

Softened water addresses all these problems at the source – removing hard minerals. With a water softener, you’ll eliminate water spots, soap scum, and mineral buildup. No more having to spend as much time scrubbing your home or spending as much money on soap and cleaning products!

It Saves You Money

The best benefit of all: a water softener system can save you money.

The buildup in your hot water tank is not a heat conductor. That means the buildup occurring in your hot water tank reduces its efficiency, making it work harder and causing it to use more energy. This also goes for all of your other appliances.

Soft water won’t leave buildup, meaning your appliances don’t have to fight to keep working. This keeps your appliances efficient and keeps your bill costs down.

Ready for Your Water Softener?

If you want better water that you, your loved ones, and your home deserves, all you need to do is get a water softener. Let Phillip Plumbing Solutions help install the system in your home, as well as keep it running smoothly with repairs and regular maintenance.

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